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60L FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit


60L FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit – This particular kit is a great option for those who want to be able to brew under pressure with a 60L All Rounder FermZilla

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60L FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit

This brewing kit has been put together for those who want all the benefits of an affordable pressurisable fermentation vessel, but don’t want the finnicky extended brew times that one would normally do with a Conical Fermenter. That isn’t to say that this is better than the others, It merely is the best All Round solution for one with a busy life schedule but also one who wants to brew the absolute best they can.

The FermZilla 60L All Rounder is the perfect fermentation vessel that can be used for fermenting under pressure, carbonating and dispensing. It’s far more capable than the FermZilla Flat bottom but it’s less complicated and leass expensive than the FermZilla Conical Unitank. So like the name says it’s the “All Rounder”.

To download the size/dimensions of this tank click HERE

This Kit includes:

1 x 60L All Rounder FermZilla Base Kit
1 x 60L All Rounder Tank
1 x Top Lid Assembly, with Red PRV (35psi) [2 x Male Cap Threads] [Up to 4 drill ports for accessories]
1 x Premium 3 Piece Airlock
1 x Stainless Stand with swing handles
1 x Stainless Steel Handle Assembly
1 x Grommet Bottle Cap (Airlock Port)
1 x Strip Stick On Thermometer
1 x Spare Seals
1 x FermZilla Nylon Web Strapping
1 x Red Carbonation Caps (For Gas posts)
1 x Yellow Carbonation Caps (For Liquid Posts)
1 x Stainless Steel Float with Silicone Dip Tube (You will need to cut this to your desired depth)
1 x Mesh Filter attachment for the dip tube (Very handy if you’re doing a lot of dry hopping in the Fermenter)
1 x 0-15psi Integrated Blow Tie Spunding Valve Complete Kit (Ball Lock DC Grey Gas MFL, duotight FFL x 8mm, rigid 8mm tube and the red Blowtie 0-15 integrated spunding valve assembly)


Please read the instructions thoroughly before use. The Instruction Manual can be found HERE

Aussie Brewmakers and the manufacturer / wholesaler will not be held liable for misuse or mishandling of the unit contrary to the instructions.

Please note:

When using this vessel under pressure. You must perform a water pressure check to ensure your connections are leak proof. To do this. Fill your FermZilla up with water, then apply a minimum of 15psi pressure to the vessel. Check for leaks around all Cap / Threads.

Occasionally these units may come with some small indentations/dimples/dents from shipping, this is just a reality of shipping large blow-moulded thin-walled vessels. But dont panic, these fermenters are designed to endure minor deformations such as this. This was a necessary implementation into the design so that they can withstand some accidental suction from cold crashing and rough handling in transit without compromising their integrity and ability to endure high pressures. All small dents will push out and settle with use and positive pressure and are only an issue and warrant replacement in the rare event they start to show white stress patterns

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60L FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit
60L FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit
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