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Production Pack Triple Distilled 6Kg


Our Turbo production Packs provide all ingredients & consumables required to ferment, distill & filter a full batch of spirits.

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Please note: Contents of this Production Pack may be re-packed from the original box for the purposes of product protection and freight efficiency as the original boxes are light weight and prone to damage in some instances.

Our Turbo production Packs provide all ingredients & consumables required to ferment, distill & filter a full batch of spirits. This 6kg pack is suitable for those who use a Reflux or Turbo 500 Still and want to distill the ultimate quality spirit. This will pack will ferment a 25L wash in approximately 6-7 days with an approximate alcohol percentage of 14.5%.

Still Spirits Turbo Triple Distilled yeast
Turbo Clear
Turbo Sugar 6kg
EZ carbon cartridge
Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

See full product description of contents below.

Turbo Sugar 6kg
Provides the ultimate quality wash and a fast efficient fermentation. Turbo sugar is a precise blend of sugars, dextrose and activated carbons. The blend maximises alcohol yield and a cleaner end spirit due to the absorption of impurities during fermentation.

Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast
Triple Distilled is the world’s highest quality Turbo available as it produces so few byproducts during fermentation ensuring your final distilled spirit will be as pure as possible. This Turbo is chosen when the ultimate alcohol quality is the primary objective.

Turbo Clear
Still Spirits Turbo Clear is added to your wash after fermentation is complete. Within 24 hours Turbo clear removes over 95% of the yeast cells which can add off flavours to your spirit If turbo clear is not used yeast cells break open when heated in the still and off flavours and smells will result.

EZ Carbon Filter Cartridge
One replacement cartridge for the Still Spirits EZ filter System. The Carbon cartridges are designed to remove impurities from distilled spirit. They are efficient and easy to use and each cartridge is suitable for a single 25L wash of spirits.

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon
This is a liquid carbon designed to be added to your wash at the start of fermentation. Its unique activated carbons have pore structure designed to remove impurities that are a byproduct of the fermentation process. Turbo carbon will improve the performance of any turbo yeast resulting in a cleaner result at the end of distillation and filtration.

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Production Pack Triple Distilled 6Kg
Production Pack Triple Distilled 6Kg
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