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Best Mead Making Kit

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Ultimate Mead Making Kit for enthusiasts and beginners alike, designed to craft 5 liters of exquisite mead from the comfort of your home.

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Mead Making Kit

Introducing the ultimate Mead Making Kit for enthusiasts and beginners alike, designed to craft 5 liters of exquisite mead from the comfort of your home. Unleash your inner brewmaster with our comprehensive kit, curated to ensure a seamless and rewarding mead-making experience.


Included in this kit:

1. Glass Demijohn Bottle (5L) with Straight Handle: Crafted from durable glass, this demijohn provides the perfect vessel for fermenting your mead, offering ample space for optimal fermentation and easy handling.

2. Swing Clip and Silicon Bung with Hole: Secure your fermentation process with the swing clip and silicon bung, designed to fit snugly onto the demijohn, allowing gas to escape while keeping contaminants out.

3. Three-Piece Senior Airlock: Monitor the progress of fermentation effortlessly with the included three-piece airlock, ensuring a controlled and stable environment for your mead. Depending on stock availability mead kit could be supplied with airlock S type.

4. Stick-on Thermometer: Keep track of the temperature throughout the fermentation process with the stick-on thermometer, ensuring ideal conditions for yeast activity and flavor development.

5. Hydrometer: Measure the gravity of your mead and track fermentation progress accurately, providing valuable insights into the transformation of honey into liquid gold.

6. Specialist Yeast (M05): Elevate your mead with our premium M05 yeast strain, specially selected for its ability to bring out the best flavors and aromas in honey fermentation. Could be supplied with EC-1118 yeast

7. Special Yeast Nutrient: Enhance fermentation and ensure a healthy yeast environment with our specialized yeast nutrient, promoting vigorous fermentation and exceptional taste.

8. Cleaning No Rinse Sanitize: Prepare all equipment with ease using our no-rinse sanitizer, eliminating harmful bacteria and ensuring a clean and sterile environment for your mead-making journey.

9. Detailed Step-by-Step Instruction Manual: Embark on your mead-making adventure confidently with our comprehensive manual, providing clear and concise instructions from start to finish.

10. Easy Start Mini Syphon: Transfer your finished mead effortlessly into bottles with the easy start mini syphon, simplifying the bottling process and minimizing oxidation.

Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or a curious beginner, our Mead Making Kit offers everything you need to create a batch of artisanal mead that will impress friends and family alike. Elevate your homebrewing experience and unlock the rich flavors of honey with our premium kit. Cheers to the art of mead making!

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Best Mead Making Kit
Best Mead Making Kit
Original price was: $79.95.Current price is: $69.95.

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