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Bases, Smoothing Agents, and Flavor Enhancers:

This category encompasses a diverse range of products crucial for crafting a spectrum of alcoholic beverages, from liqueurs to ciders and spirits. Bases provide the foundation upon which flavors are built, smoothing agents refine textures and enhance mouthfeel, while flavor enhancers add depth and complexity to the final product.


1. Still Spirits Icon Cream Liqueur Base:
– A premium base for creating creamy liqueurs with a rich and indulgent flavor profile. It serves as the cornerstone for crafting luxurious cream liqueurs.

2. Still Spirits Top Shelf Cream Liqueur Base:
– An essential component for producing high-quality cream liqueurs, offering a smooth and velvety texture to the final concoction.

3. Edwards Essences Cream Liqueur Base:
– A versatile base for crafting a variety of cream liqueurs, known for its ability to impart a creamy and luscious mouthfeel to the finished product.

4. Edwards Essences Liqueur Base:
– A foundational element for crafting a wide array of liqueurs, providing a customizable canvas for infusing various flavors and aromas.

5. Edwards Essences – Mature Oak:
– A flavor enhancer designed to impart a mature oak character to spirits, adding depth and complexity to the final product.

6. Morgans Cider Flavour – Ginger:
– A flavor enhancer tailored specifically for cider production, infusing a distinctive ginger profile to elevate the taste experience.

7. Still Spirits Premium French Oak:
– A premium oak product crafted to impart the refined flavors of French oak to spirits, enhancing complexity and sophistication.

8. Top Shelf Mellow Oak:
– A smoothing agent designed to mellow the harsh edges of spirits while imparting subtle oak characteristics for a smoother and more refined taste.

9. Samuel Willards Gold Star Mature Oak:
– A mature oak flavor enhancer meticulously crafted to imbue spirits with the rich and complex notes reminiscent of aged oak barrels.

These products serve as indispensable tools for amateur and professional distillers alike, offering a myriad of possibilities for creating bespoke alcoholic beverages tailored to individual tastes and preferences. Whether crafting creamy liqueurs, artisanal spirits, or flavorful ciders, the careful selection and skillful application of bases, smoothing agents, and flavor enhancers are essential steps in the journey towards crafting exceptional libations.

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