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What Equipment do I need to Home Brew?

If you have found this page then it is likely you are interested in starting to make your own home brew beer, cider or ginger beer. Starting out in the world of home brewing can be confusing and a little daunting. The truth of the matter is making home brew is very easy as long as you have the right equipment and follow some simple rules.

The best thing about home brewing is the equipment needed for a beginner is inexpensive and if looked after will last many years.

Aussie Brewmakers is Australia’s leading Home Brew Starter Kit specialist. We sell starter kits in three levels (Basic, Deluxe and Premium) for Beer, Cider or Ginger Beer. These home brew starter kits contain everything (except the bottles) to get your first brew underway, including the ingredients for your first batch. Full instructions are also included with the kits.

Whether you are a beginner (Tin Kit or Hopped Extract Tin), Intermediate (Extract Brewing) or an Expert (All Grain Brewing) the equipment included in the starter kits is required for fermentation and bottling.

Below is a picture of the contents of our Home Brew Beer Starter Kit – Premium.

What Equipment do I need to Home Brew? 2

The Cider and Ginger Beer Premium Starter Kits are the same with the exception of a cider or Ginger Beer Tin is included instead of the Beer Tin.

The difference between our Home Brew Starter Kits is:

Basic: Has a hand capper to crown seal bottles

Deluxe: Swaps the hand capper for an Emily Twin Lever Capper to crown seal bottles (highly recommended – See our ‘Bottling Beer page under the ‘Home Brew Cellar’ section)

Premium:Includes a Bench Capper and a Heat Belt (ideal for brewing in winter or if you live in a colder environment)

The equipment included in our Home Brew Starter Kits – Premium (excluding consumables) and their purpose is detailed below:

Fitted Fermenter

The fermenter needs to be at least 30L capacity as most Beer Kits are brewed to 23L and the headspace is needed so the foam caused during fermentation does not blow out the airlock. Fermenters need to be of food grade material and need to be fitted with volume scales on the side, a temperature strip, an airlock and a tap with a sediment reducer.

Cleaning / Sterilising Solution

Every piece of equipment that comes into contact with your brew needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. Aussie Brewmakers recommends Stericlean which is 90% Alkali Salts and cleans / sterilisers in one action. Other popular cleaners / sterilisers include Sodium Metabisulphite, Phosphoric Sanitiser and Sodium Percarbonate.


The paddle is used to dissolve the malts and sugars when making the wort.

Heat Belt

A heat belt or heat pad is used to warm the fermenter to maintain the optimum fermentation temperature in winter or if you live in a colder climate.


A hydrometer is used to measure the specific gravity of your home brew to ensure primary fermentation has been completed prior to bottling and to estimate your home brew ABV (alcohol by volume).

Little Bottler

The Little Bottler attaches to the tap of a fermenter and is used to fill beer bottles without oxygenating the brew.

Bench Capper

A bench capper is used to cap beer bottles with crown seals. Hand cappers can also be used however, a bench capper reduces the risk of breaking bottles during the capping process.

Consumables you will require for each brew include:

  • A Beer, Cider or Ginger Beer Tin

  • 1kg Fermentable sugars – typically Dextrose or wet / Dried Malts

  • Crown seals for capping the bottles (60 if using 375ml ‘Stubbies’ or 30 if using 750ml ‘Long Necks’)

  • Carbonation Drops or additional measured doses of Dextrose for secondary fermentation / carbonation in the bottle

That is about it – there are many more gadgets and variations to the equipment listed above however, what is listed is all you need!

If you have any questions on the Starter Kits or already have some gear but need to supplement it please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Happy Brewing!

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