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Filtering Beer

If you are after a very clean taste and a crystal clear beer then you might want to consider filtering your home brew prior to bottling or kegging.

There are many differing views on the merits of filtering. Some say the removal of yeast cells and hop / malt residues will enhance the flavour of beer while some say it is what gives beer its unique flavour.

Filtering essentially accelerates the conditioning phase of your beer. It means you can bottle / keg sooner and don’t need to use finings or cold crash your wort as the filter is doing all of these jobs for you.

To filter or not to filter – it is a personal choice. We find that most home brewers who do filter are kegging and then force carbonating with CO2. If you filter and secondary ferment in the bottle (i.e. add sugar before capping) then you will still get a little residue in the bottom of your bottle.

The attached document is our instruction manual for a 250mm Beer Filter. The document will give you a good overview of the filtering process and what equipment is involved.

We stock all the filter parts and can assist in setting your system up if you decide filtering is for you.

If you have any questions on filtering or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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