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Brick Road Brewing Kits represent a revolution in home brewing with extract tins, making it simple and enjoyable for enthusiasts to craft top-tier fresh beer at home. Long-awaited amazing alternative to all-grain brewing, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. These kits allow enthusiasts to craft top-tier fresh beer at home effortlessly, while also saving on shipping costs compared to Fresh Wort kits. Each kit includes premium grains, carefully selected and malted to produce high-quality malt wort extract, paired with the freshest yeast and hops. These ingredients are packed with nitrogen in foil to preserve their aroma and flavor. The components are expertly blended, mashed, and canned fresh to maintain a rich malt aroma and taste.

Brick Road Brewing offers two exceptional collections: the Classic Range and the Craft Range. The Classic Range features popular Australian beer styles like Gold Draught, Hazy Pale Ale, and Dry Lager. The Craft Range includes IPA, Hazy, and Pale Ale, allowing you to brew beers that rival those from top craft breweries. With Brick Road Brewing, you can create your own unique beer recipes step by step, ensuring an outstanding brewing experience and delicious results every time.

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