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Aussie Brewmakers
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Australian Owned & Operated

30+ Years Home Brewing Experience

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Beer Recipe Kit Specialists

Tried & Tested Extract & All Grain Recipe Kits

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Your Brewing Partner

Expert Advice for New New & Seasoned Brewers

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Supporting Rural Home Brewers

Fast Economical Shipping Australia Wide

Welcome to Aussie Brewmakers

Aussie Brewmakers is your home brew starter kit specialists. If you are looking to make beer, cider, ginger beer, wine or spirits & liqueurs we are your one-stop in-store or on-line shop for all your home brewing supplies.

Latest Home Brew Updates / Video

Catch up with the latest news, information and video content from Aussie Brewmakers. Information on new products, stock levels and industry news will be regularly updated. Aussie Brewmakers is Australia's leading home brew supplier. Shop our range of home brew kits, supplies and recipes.

Getting Started with Home Brewing

Are you new to home brewing? Don't worry, Aussie Brewmakers have you sorted. If you're just getting started, we can teach you the ropes. Learn what beer is, learn how to make wine from the comfort of your own home, or simply clone your favourite beers. Not only will we teach you the ways of the home brewing master, we provide Australia's cheapest homebrew supplies and homebrew equipment to get the ball rolling.

Already a home brewing hobbyist? Aussie Brewmakers can help you with all your home brew supplies, kits, recipes, equipment and more. Our recipes page can assist in cloning all your favourite beverages, while our home brew kits can help you develop an even better home brewing set up. Aussie Brewmakers stocks the cheapest homebrew supplies in and ships throughout Australia. Happy Brewing!

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Home Brew Supplies FAQ

Making beer, cider or ginger beer at home is easy to do and is a great hobby! In addition to saving money over the commercial offerings, you can tailor your home brew to your own styles and tastes.

Homebrewing beer, cider or ginger beer is easy however, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to for success:

  1. Cleaning and Sterilising – it is absolutely critical that all equipment and bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised every time
  2. Take Your Time – do not rush the process! Fermentation takes time, both primary fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle. Do not rush these processes – especially the primary fermentation. If you bottle too early you will experience exploding bottles which is very dangerous and messy.
  3. Quality Ingredients – Only use quality ingredients like those stocked at Aussie Brewmakers. Stale malts, grains or tainted fermentable sugars, old yeasts etc. will not give you the best outcome.

Homebrew kits can be purchased in-store or online. We suggest buying one of our homebrew kits as they come equipped with everything you need to get started.

You can view our Homebrew Kits Here

Every homebrewer has some bottling nightmare stories to tell. From exploding bottles to flat beers, bottling seems to cause all homebrewers some issues at some time.

Bottling your homebrew can be a chore, with the collecting and cleaning of bottles, however; don’t be discouraged as it is the last hurdle to overcome before you get to taste the fruits of your labour!

We often hear from customers in-store that they ‘used to homebrew’ but stopped because ‘I couldn’t stand cleaning all of those damn bottles!’ Bottling is one of the most important stages of the homebrew process and unless you make a move to kegging then it is a necessary evil.

Bottling is cheap and is the easiest way to dispense your homebrew at home, or out and about with friends

Below is our guide to bottling your homebrew. The stages we will cover include:

  1. Basic Equipment & Consumables
  2. Choosing the right bottles
  3. Cleaning bottles & bottling equipment
  4. Checking the beer prior to the bottle transfer
  5. Transferring beer to the bottle
  6. Adding Priming sugar for secondary fermentation
  7. Capping or Crowning the bottles
  8. Storing the bottles

Read More About Homebrew Bottling Here

Buying Quality Homebrew supplies can be a difficult task. The quality and freshness of the homebrew supplies differ greatly and the supplier you choose will make or break your home brewing experience.
Aussie Brewmakers have 30+ Years Home Brewing Experience so if you'd like to pop into our store or shop around our website, feel free. Not only do we have a huge range of quality home brew supplies we are also available at anytime to assist new or seasoned brewers get the most out of their home brewing.
We're always happy to give you suggestions and recommendations on equipment and ingredients / recipes. Where to buy quality home brew supplies? The answer is simple - Aussie Brewmakers!

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