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Home Brew Ginger Beer Starter Kit – Basic – FREE FREIGHT Australia Wide


Ginger Beer Starter Kit. This complete package deal contains everything required (excluding bottles) to make circa. 20 litres or 53 stubbies of quality ginger beer at home.

  • Hydrometer

    Glass hydrometer.

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  • Little Bottler / Bottling Wand

    The Little Bottler is a bottle filling device with a spring-loaded shut off valve. The Little Bottler also known as a Bottling Wand is perfect for filling bottles of any size.

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  • Bottle Cleaning Brush Large

    Bottle Cleaning Brush Large Bristle Fan Style Tip Bottle Brush, specifically designed with a 2.5cm diameter to thoroughly clean bottle necks. Measuring 50cm in length and 6cm in width, this brush offers ample coverage while still being slim enough to navigate through bottle necks with ease. Crafted with durable materials. Its fan-style tip and bristles efficiently remove residue, leaving your bottles immaculately clean. Keep your brewing equipment hygienic with ease.

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  • Morgans Ginger Beer Kit

    Morgans Ginger beer is an outstanding brew.Formulated with the perfect balance of malted grains and Ginger, this original Morgan s recipe is great summer drink in a tall glass filled with ice or as a mixer with Dark Rum and a slice of lime over ice.

    Flavouring Only Does Not Contain Alcohol

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  • Dextrose Brewing Sugar 1Kg

    Dextrose or Glucose is commonly known as Brewing Sugar. It is derived from wheat starch and is the best brewing sugar for most beers.

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  • Carbonation Drops - Circa. 60 Drops

    Can be used instead of cane or priming sugar. These drops dissolve quickly, are convenient to use with no mess or wastage. They also provide a more accurate dosage. Add 1 drop per stubbie and 2 drops per 750ml bottle.

    Flavouring Only Does Not Contain Alcohol

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  • Sodium Percarbonate 250 g

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  • Crown Seals GOLD - 100 Pack

    Crown Seals GOLD - 100 Pack. Suitable for standard and twist-top bottles.

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  • Fermenter 30L Plastic - Not Fitted

    A high quality HDPE 30 litre, Australian made fermenter.

    In stock

  • Airlock - Vintage

    Plastic vintage airlock - S bend type. Allows gas to escape during fermentation whilst protecting the brew from outside contamination.

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  • Air Lock Grommet - Suits 30L Fermenter

    Rubber grommet. Suitable for 30L fermenters.

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  • Thermometer - Digital Stick On 19x130mm

    Stick-on type thermometer. Measures 10-40C.

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  • Fermenter Tap - Sediment Reducer

    Fermenter Tap - Sediment Reducer. Reduces sediment pickup in fermenter outlets.

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  • Fermenter Tap - Standard

    Twist on style tap suitable for 30 and 60L PVC fermenters.

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  • Paddle Plastic - 48 cm

    Paddle Plastic 48 cm

    In addition to its excellence on the water, the versatility of our 480mm Plastic Paddle extends beyond traditional water sports. Embrace its multifunctionality as a valuable tool for culinary and brewing endeavors. Here's how you can harness its potential:

    1. **Mash Mixing**: Whether you're brewing beer, crafting cider, or concocting your signature ginger beer, our paddle facilitates efficient mixing of mashes. Its sturdy construction and optimal length ensure thorough blending of ingredients, resulting in consistent flavors and textures.

    2. **Brewing Assistance**: Take your brewing process to the next level with the assistance of our paddle. Stir brewing ingredients with precision and ease, promoting optimal fermentation and flavor extraction. From mashing in to whirlpooling, this paddle is your trusted companion throughout the brewing journey.

    3. **Cider Production**: When crafting cider, achieving the perfect blend of apple varieties is crucial. Our paddle allows you to effortlessly mix cider mashes, ensuring an even distribution of flavors for a harmonious final product. Experience the art of cider making with enhanced control and efficiency.

    4. **Ginger Beer Mastery**: For aficionados of ginger beer, achieving the ideal balance of spice and sweetness is paramount. Utilize our paddle to expertly blend ginger, sugar, and other ingredients, resulting in a refreshing beverage that tantalizes the taste buds. Embrace the artistry of ginger beer making with confidence and precision.

    With its seamless transition from water sports to culinary and brewing applications, our 480mm Plastic Paddle empowers you to explore new realms of creativity and mastery. From the waves to the kitchen and brewery, unleash the full potential of this versatile tool and elevate your craft to new heights.

    In stock

  • Crown Seal Hand Capper - Horizontal

    Horizontal plastic hand capper for use with crown seals.A safer alternative to the traditional wooden vertical hand cappers

    In stock



Ginger Beer Starter Kit – Lets Start Making Amazing Ginger Beer

This complete package deal contains everything required (excluding bottles) to make circa. 20 litres or 53 stubbies of quality ginger beer at home.

With this quality home brew kit you will be able to make alcoholic or non-alcoholic Ginger Beer to suit your own taste, save heaps of money and enjoy a great hobby!


All first time ginger beer makers and is ideal for kegging or storing your ginger beer in plastic or glass bottles. Please note crown seals and capping / bottling equipment is included in this kit. It does not include the actual bottles. We recommend collecting and re-using commercial beer bottles in either 330ml, 375ml or 750ml sizes (crown or screw type bottles suitable).

In addition, the equipment and hardware included with this Ginger Beer Starter kit is suitable for home brewing all kinds of beer, cider and ginger beer.

Equipment included:

30 litre Fermenter with O ring, Tap, Sediment Reducer, Volume Scales, Stick On Thermometer, Grommet and Airlock

Bottlebrush Large

480mm Spoon

Hydrometer Complete

Little Bottler

Hand Capper

Detailed Step-by-Step Beer Making Manual

Consumables included:

1 x pkt Sodium Percarbonate 250g

1 x 100 Crown Seals

1 x 1Kg Dextrose

1 x pkt Carbonation Drops

1 x 1Kg Morgan Ginger Beer Kit

Ginger Beer Starter Kit – Get Your Imagination Going with Ginger Beer Cocktails:

Note: The picture on this listing is generic and for representation purposes only and may differ from the supplied hardware, equipment and ingredients detailed above.

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 mm



Little Bottler / Bottling Wand


Bottle Cleaning Brush Large


Morgans Ginger Beer Kit


Dextrose Brewing Sugar 1Kg


Carbonation Drops - Circa. 60 Drops


Crown Seals GOLD - 100 Pack


Fermenter 30L Plastic - Not Fitted


Airlock - Vintage


Air Lock Grommet - Suits 30L Fermenter


Thermometer - Digital Stick On 19x130mm


Fermenter Tap - Sediment Reducer


Fermenter Tap - Standard


Paddle Plastic - 48 cm


Crown Seal Hand Capper - Horizontal



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